05.11.18 – October Newsletter

                                                                                                               VILLAGE NEWSLETTER, October 2018
The upgrading of the A1 is now complete and we await another traffic flow report to measure the traffic passing through Tunstall and compare it with the 2014 version. My feeling is that the volume of traffic has not increased significantly and drivers are going up to the new Catterick Central junction and using the A6136 rather than taking a short cut through Tunstall. Army vehicles have been stopped from using Tunstall as a rat run which has been helpful, as has the dogleg that we proposed to prevent a straight fast road to Tunstall. Speeding is still an issue that the police seem unwilling to address and we have been unable to collect a big enough group of residents to monitor traffic.
The bridge on Brough Lane has finally been protected so that it cannot be knocked down again.
The approval in July of the 170 houses opposite Somme Barracks and the new roundabout seemed grossly unfair in the face of such strong objections, particularly as the application had been refused the year before and the houses are to be built on a green field site of Grade 3 agricultural land with no infrastructure in place to accommodate the residents. The decision seemed to us a “fait accompli” with the new members of the Planning Committee instructed how to vote before the arguments were even heard. We are trying to find a means of more closely following the decisions of the steering committee for the Garrison expansion so that this does not happen again.
There have been complaints about cars speeding through the village; if you have any concerns contact the Parish Clerk or the Police on 101. This also applies to any damage to vehicles caused by passing traffic.
Tunstall does have the opportunity to participate in a Community Speed Watch scheme if there are enough willing volunteers (minimum 6) Contact the clerk for further details.
The village hall has had an image overhaul in recent years including new windows, blinds and the floor stripped and polished.
The day to day running costs amount to around £4,000 a year; these include heating, utilities and cleaning.
Willing volunteers are needed to help form a committee to organize events, raise funds etc and to get the word out there that it is a great space and is ideal for many uses.
Roles include bookings, treasurer, secretary and general helpers.
One aim would be to encourage more people to hire the hall on a regular basis during the day when it sits empty most of the time.
The normal hire charge is £7.00 per hour but discounted rates are available for Tunstall residents
Thanks to the hard work of resident Paul Greenwood and his team (and funding applications by Jane Greenwood) Tunstall now has a fabulous community garden at the rear of the village hall for all to enjoy.
Should you be interested to know more or use the space for an event contact Paul : 01748 811288
Did you know that Tunstall has a website where you will find the agendas and minutes from Parish Council meetings, information about events, local contact info and more.
Visit: tunstallpc.org.uk
The mobile Fish & Chip van stops outside the village hall on a Tuesday evening 
The Oil Club has been running for a number of years now and many households in Tunstall are members.
By using the Oil Club to bulk order savings can be made, the order placed in September saved members 4ppl at 48.95p against 52.95p
Anyone in Tunstall, Hornby, Appleton or Brough can join the club and there is no obligation to buy. The club is run for the benefit of the members.
Future buying months are:
November, January 2019, March and May
For further details contact richardtpick@hotmail.com
The remaining meetings for 2018/19 are as follows:
14th Nov 2018 –  9th Jan 2019  – 6th March
All will be held on a Wednesday at 7pm unless otherwise stated
If you wish to have anything addressed at the meetings please contact The Clerk at least 7 days prior so that it can be researched as necessary and placed on the agenda.
Parish Councillors
Martin Richardson – Chair
Dave Parry – Vice Chair
Tony Gadie
Chris Wilson
Phill Johnson
Rachel Dudding 810115
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