Tunstall Oil Club

Tunstall has an oil club which is run by Richard Pick to enable residents to get a discounted rate due to a larger quantity of oil being ordered each time and the supplier only having to do one delivery round, the key points of the club are:

  • The scheme is set-up to purchase standard, domestic heating oil and additive for Aga cookers. No other type of oil will be handled.
  • Members let the co-ordinator know how many litres of oil they require. This information must be provided either by email, or in writing – telephone orders will not be accepted. The order can be either a fixed number of litres, or a “guestimate” if the order is “fill the tank”.
  • The minimum amount that can be legally delivered is 500 litres.
  • The co-ordinator contacts several suppliers to obtain the best price, based on the total volume required in the buying cycle, and the number of drops needed.
  • The co-ordinator provides the chosen supplier with contact details for those members requiring a delivery.
  • The co-ordinator contacts the members in the buying cycle with details of the agreed price, the name and contact details of the supplier, and the expected delivery date(s).
  • The oil is delivered on the agreed day or days, the supplier then sends an invoice to each individual’s own address.
  • The invoice is paid direct to the supplier, as per the supplier’s own terms and conditions.

If you wish to join Tunstall Oil Club contact richardtpick@hotmail.com

The forthcoming order dates are:

November 2018

January 2019

March 2019

May 2019

Richard will contact members at the beginning of the month with the order being placed during the 2nd week